Online Ordering

Order, manage and control your uniform solution
from a single online location

All your uniform needs can be taken care of at the click of a button while eliminating the hidden costs and lengthy administration associated with ordering processes. So you save time and money. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

We’ve implemented our bespoke built online ordering store, LINK, for countless clients across the UK and beyond. LINK makes for effortless online ordering. With nothing more than a user-name, you log into your very own branded online store and order from your full range of uniform, to any location around the world. It’s as beautifully simple as that.

The Benefits of LINKYou are in the driver's seat; eliminate hidden costs and reduce administration

You save money on wastage. You save time. With LINK you can order an entire facility worth of uniform in a matter of minutes. You have visual on every outgoing order, and every item of stock, with up to date reports available on demand.

Greater Control

Defined access levels. Password controlled logins. Order approval.

Manage Spend

On demand reporting. Budget allocation.

International Appeal

Multi-lingual localisation options. Delivery to any location worldwide.

Hassle Free

All your needs in one place. Complete integration with existing systems inc SAP and Ariba.

Eliminate Hidden Costs

Storage of all stock. 360degree reporting. Accurate forecasting for future orders.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the leading brands we are already working with

We’d be happy to demo one of our sites to you so you can see for yourself how LINK can revolutionise your uniform procurement, why not contact us today to discuss how your business could be benefitting from LINK.