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Multiple brands or locations? Not an issue.

“They proposed an online ordering system that we knew would streamline the uniform ordering process as well as offering cost efficiencies and provide us with greater control from a purchasing perspective - aspects that were of vital importance to our organisation. The whole website process, from design through to build, has been clearly communicated to us at each stage, identifying clear timescales and updates throughout. We have found that the finished website is easy to use
and will provide us with important analytical information from a reporting point of view. I have no hesitation in recommending Creative Emporium to any company (both public and private), who are looking for a website that not only looks great but offers amazing functionality and overall fantastic customer experience.”

Procurement Officer, Your Homes Newcastle.

The Challenge

NCC is one of the UK's largest councils in operation. It not only includes the NCC brand itself, but that of a multitude of affiliated partners, each with their own guidelines, logos and colours. We needed to find a way to supply these in minimal lead times.

The Solution

Our online system LINK, allows any of our clients to head online and order from their full range of products. We turned this into a categorised portal, where any senior staff member from NCC's partners could log in and make their own orders, from their own clothing categories.

The Result

We turned a logistical nightmare into a smooth rollout that put the control of uniform ordering in the hands of our clients. While NCC and their partners can order any item at the click of a button, we can put their orders straight into production.