Price - a race to the bottom

Friday 22nd June 2018

When it comes to ordering your organisation’s uniforms, stop to think about what the best approach is. While it is tempting to operate as you have historically with a mindset of – ‘It’s not broke so don’t fix it’, consider that the World is evolving every day, the environment in which we work, consumer requirements and fashion trends change constantly. So, repeating what you have always ordered may not always be the best way now. By the same token, it is worth thinking about investing more money into your new uniforms upfront to then get a better quality of garment in return and buy in via employee engagement.

Quality v price - which is the winner? Although many people have a natural urge to go with price in business, when it comes to ordering company uniforms this is not always a wise move. You also need to consider the quality of the garments that you will be receiving and the extra value this actually gives in the long-term.

Here are a few other reasons to choose quality over price:

1. More cost-effective - When you purchase a higher quality uniform, it will no doubt cost a little more initially, however, you are actually saving more in the long term. This is because the superior quality garments you buy will last longer and mean you have to replace them less. As well as saving you money on buying a new batch of uniforms for staff, it also avoids having to tie up valuable resources in the reordering process. Employees engage better with their company when they feel good about their role and place of work and this can incorporate having a good quality uniform that they feel proud to wear.

2. Better image for your business - Uniforms can indicate a sense of professionalism, which in turn, improves performance. Good quality, staff uniforms will automatically present a better brand image to your customers. The bonus for your organisation is that it will help project a brand image that is positive and makes people want to interact with you. Customers are engaging more with brands and for their first point of contact being a low quality, poor fitting garment with a discoloured badge can give a lasting impression.

3. Better for staff to wear - Purchasing a better quality uniform is also worthwhile as your employees will enjoy wearing it more. This will see them feel good in their uniforms and be more motivated and to really feel part of a connected business. In addition, it will see fewer complaints about the poor quality uniform that you have to spend time dealing with.

4. Price doesn’t tell the whole story - A key factor to remember when involved in the procurement of uniforms is that the price doesn’t tell the whole story. A uniform supplier may be more expensive because they only use ethical supply chains. Take the time to look behind the price and find the value.

As you can see from the above, it really is better to pick quality that gives long-term value over price itself. This will not only help your business save money overall but also help project the brand image that you desire.

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