How eCommerce is affecting the Uniform Industry

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Managing a business in the 21st century has never been more challenging. With eCommerce predicted to rise by 16% every year, it is clear to see why modern businesses demand a good online platform. With low set-up costs and no real need for physical assets, eCommerce has increased the competition across all business sectors. So what does that mean for the uniform industry?

Uniform has always been a feature in both public and private organisations. From military attire to school uniform, the industry is vast; therefore, demands various manufacturing methods. Traditionally, a company may have had to wait weeks for their uniform to be produced as technology and processes were underdeveloped. However, in today’s society, increased online competition has drastically changed the demand in efficient delivery times. Individuals are less likely to be patient when waiting for a product, often choosing fast delivery over quality. The likes of Amazon and Ebay have contributed to this demand by offering free next day delivery with their loyalty accounts. These companies have created a somewhat market monopoly within the eCommerce industry by retailing almost every product known to man. Uniform can be purchased on these sites but with only an image to view and usually no seller contact details, consumers gamble the quality of the garments they buy. As most would know, uniform is worn for an average of 40 hours per week for every full-time member of staff; consequently, the garments must not compromise on quality. Therefore, uniform suppliers should aim to strike a balance between online efficiency and the time it takes to produce a truly high quality garment. With many other opportunities so freely available to consumers, the most successful uniform companies have had to become increasingly more flexible to meet the demand of end users.


Here at Creative Emporium we have adapted our online systems to make buying uniform seamless for our customers. The development of LINK has enabled us to set up personalised websites that our customer’s employees can access. This innovative system only allows employees of that business to access the system with a unique log in; therefore, protecting our customer’s brand and apparel. Each website can be tailored to our customer’s needs ensuring an effortless transaction. Another way in which Creative Emporium have adapted their processes is through their in-house manufacturing. This ensures that every garment is produced to the highest quality, while meeting pressured deadlines for delivery. In-house manufacturing also increases efficient working relationships with our clients as we understand their brand and values. Everything we do is check listed against our client’s brand values; thus, ensuring our products are produced to the highest of standards.

eCommerce may be changing the uniform industry but we are ready for it. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can adapt our systems to meet demands in the market. Some may argue that there is a lack of customer experience buying clothes online. Creative Emporium have defied this opinion by creating our online systems that offer a personal touch. No uniform solution is too complicated, here at Creative Emporium we will create a solution for your every need.

For more information on LINK, please contact our sales team here

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