Benefits of a Company Uniform

Wednesday 30th January 2019

This week we are going to talk about the many benefits of adopting a company uniform. There are lots of different reasons to create a uniform, from tax exemption purposes to the prestige it gives a business. This blog post will explain a few key advantages to a company for creating a uniform.

Tax Tabbing:

So many people have heard of tax tabbing items, but what exactly is this? Some companies may prefer an understated form of branding their uniform. This is often in the form of a small tax tab with the company’s logo on. They come in varying sizes, so no matter what the logo, we can find a size that fits! Not only does this brand your product; but it means that employees are exempt from paying tax on their uniform garments.

The Inland Revenue impose a tax on all clothing supplied to employees free of charge that is considered “plain” i.e. no branding of any form. This is why tax tabbing is so popular. It is understated while still being exempt from tax. Tax tabbing works nicely on suits that often clients of ours do not want to brand with a logo. The tax tab can be applied to the seam of the suit which means it is barely visible. Clothing that is plain and subject to tax, can impose anything up to 20% extra tax on top of the garment. Therefore, it is clear to see that tax tabbing an item is incredibly beneficial to companies with large uniform orders. Tax tabbing could save a company thousands! Here at Uniforms by Creative we will assess your company logo and suggest the right size for the tax tab. The set-up costs for this are minimal; therefore, the return in saving on tax would far outweigh the set-up costs for a business ordering uniform.

Protect employees:

Uniform doesn’t have to be corporate wear; safety garments are a large part of our customer’s uniforms. It goes without saying that employees with the correct safety wear will have less accidents and will be better protected against work hazards. At Uniforms by Creative, we have an extensive range of products to suit every business’ safety requirements.

Brand Recognition:

Another benefit to adopting a uniform solution would be that it creates brand recognition. This can be an advertisement in itself, especially in a business where employees are seen in public. Alongside this, a uniform enhances consistency between employees. Consistency is associated with a professional and reliable service. Therefore, creates prestige for a business that customers are drawn to.

Free Advertising:

It is much easier for customers to identify employees of a company if they are wearing a uniform. By adopting a uniform, the company is increasing their amount of public exposure. As employees meet customers within the business’ target market, it is important that they are dressed appropriately to make a good impression. If the employee delivers a good service, the service user will likely recommend the business to potential new customers. Word of mouth recommendations can multiply custom without the outlay of marketing bills.

Security Measure:

A company uniform makes it easier to identify who should and shouldn’t be at different work areas or job-sites. A uniform almost acts as a security pass and makes it easy to recognise external personnel. For companies that work on construction sites, this could be especially important in terms of a health and safety perspective. It also protects employees and the company from any potential harm from trespassers.

To see how a uniform could benefit your business get in touch with our team here at Uniforms by Creative

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